The Water and Sewerage Authority (the Authority) advises customers affected by disruptions at several Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) caused by heavy rainfall over the past three days that most of the impacted facilities are back in operation. These include the Hollis, Aripo, Caura, Lluengo & Naranjo, Acono, Blanchisseuse, Las Cuevas and La Fillette WTPs.

Specifically in response to an erroneous message being circultated on WhatsApp, the Authority wishes to state that the facilities that continue to be negatively impacted by turbid river conditions, clogged intake screens and power failures are limited to the Caroni, Tompire, Matura, Quare and Guanapo WTPs in Trinidad and the Courland, Richmond, Hillsborough West, Highlands Road and Kings Bay WTPs and Charlotteville Intake in Tobago. The Caroni WTP is currently producing 55 million gallons daily (mgd) (as compared to normal production of 75 mgd) while the other facilities are out of operation.

Areas affected include those supplied by the Caroni WTP - Santa Cruz, Belmont, Morvant, Cascade, St. James, Cocorite, Kelly, Caroni, Chaguanas, Longdenville, Couva, Carapichaima, Claxton Bay, Gasparillo, Marabella, Pleasantville, San Fernando, La Romaine, South Oropouche, Siparia, Debe, Penal and La Brea and those supplied by other facilities including Toco, Salybia, Valencia and parts of Arima. In Tobago, the areas affected include Plymouth to Crown Point, all areas from Goodwood to Charlotteville, Scarborough and environs, Bacolet, Hope, John Dial, Mason Hall and Moriah.

The Authority wishes to reassure customers that the water currently being supplied through its distribution system continues to be in compliance with the Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality of the World Health Organisation and is safe for use. In areas such as Arima, where there may be some discolouration in the water supply, customer are assured that the supply is safe. However, where there may be concerns regarding the quality of stored water, customers are advised to add 125 milliletres of household bleach to 400 gallons of water to disinfect the water and let it sit for one hour before use.

Customers in some areas may see disruptions in their normal scheduled pipe borne water supply as the Authority is utilising available supplies from production sources in operation to supply communities affected by flooding to assist in the cleanup of such areas.  Customers are advised to use their water supply prudently and conserve where possible.

For further information or assistance, customers are asked to contact WASA’s Customer Call Centre toll free at 800-4420/26.

The Authority apologises for the inconvenience being experienced and thanks customers for their continued patience and understanding.

Corporate Communications Department
October 20, 2018