WASA Working on Restoring
Water Supply To Princes Town Area

In response to recent issues raised in the media regarding the water supply to the Princes Town area, the Authority wishes to remind customers of the ongoing impact of the harsh 2019 and 2020 Dry Seasons, which has led to low water levels at the country’s main impounding reservoirs. This includes the Navet Reservoir that supplies the Princes Town region, which is currently at 24% capacity, while the long term average for this time is 59%. As a result of this situation, production at the Navet Water Treatment Plant has been reduced from the normal 20 million gallons per day (mgd) to 16 mgd. This has negatively impacted the Authority’s ability to maintain the reliability of supply to areas at elevated points and the extremities of the distribution system in particular.

Notwithstanding the reduced water availability, the Authority has been working to prudently manage the distribution of water to the various communities supplied by the Navet Water Treatment Plant. However, there was a disruption in service on Thursday 16th July, 2020 caused by emergency repairs to a ruptured transmission pipeline. The pipe borne water supply has been restored to several areas in the Region of Princes Town, while other areas including Tableland and New Grant are expected to receive a supply over the course of Tuesday 21st July and Wednesday 22nd July 2020.

Particularly with regard to the Princes Town West Secondary School, a truck borne water supply was provided on Tuesday 21st July 2020 and arrangements have been made to closely monitor the supply to this and other Secondary Schools being used for CXC/CAPE examinations, as well as Primary Schools housing SEA classes at this time. Where a pipe borne supply is not available for such schools, a truck borne service will be provided. The Authority also continues to liaise with various Local Government Representatives towards providing a truck borne service to customers, where a pipe borne service may be challenging at this time.

Corporate Communications Department
July 21, 2020