The Water and Sewerage Authority (the Authority) wishes to acknowledge that it has been experiencing ongoing challenges with maintaining a reliable water supply to customers served by the Freeport Water Treatment Plant (WTP). This is due primarily to the reduction in production from two wells at the facility, with the most recent occurring in September 2020.

It should be noted that the two wells in question require re-drilling and extensive rehabilitation works respectively. This situation has significantly impacted the production capacity at the Freeport WTP. As such, the Authority has been utilizing water from the Authority’s Caroni WTP to supplement the supply to affected communities. However, the recent shutdown at the Caroni WTP Plant for maintenance work followed by the prolonged planned shutdown of the Point Lisas Desalination Plant, would have exacerbated the already delicate supply situation. Both facilities have since returned to full service and the Authority is working to provide the most equitable supply to the area by maintaining the existing water supply schedules.

The Authority has identified works required to improve the regularity and reliability of supply to these and other communities and will be implementing same. The Authority will maintain communication with the parliamentary and local government representatives for the affected communities and remains committed to improving the level of service to our valued customers via pipe borne or supplemental truck borne supply.

Corporate Communications Department
November 26, 2020