The Water and Sewerage Authority (the Authority) advises that a social media message currently in circulation showing an individual seeking access to customers’ property in North West Trinidad, is a legitimate employee of the Authority, who was in the process of carrying out his duties. It should be noted that the employee, who is a travelling field officer, had on his WASA uniform and WASA-issued identification card on display, as required.

The Authority advises customers and members of the public that all its field officers in the conduct of the business of the Authority, can be identified by their WASA-issued identification cards, which are authorised by the Chief Executive Officer. In instances where access to customer information or premises is required, this identification card must be presented and/or displayed before any form of access is granted.

If in doubt, or in need of further information, customers are asked to contact the Authority's Customer Call Centre toll free at 800- 4420/26.

In a separate matter regarding another video circulating on social media, the Authority wishes to confirm that the person who was apparently detained for shoplifting and appeared to be wearing a WASA uniform, is not an employee of the organisation. The Authority is however investigating how the individual came to be in possession of the uniform. It should be noted that at present the Authority is planning the update of its uniforms and the public will be notified of these changes when they come into effect.

Corporate Communications Department
2021 July 27