In response to protest action by some residents in the Barrackpore area today – Monday 11th October 2021, the Water and Sewerage Authority (the Authority) wishes to note that though most of the Barrackpore area has been in receipt of a supply, it acknowledges that there has been a disruption in the normal water supply schedule to Khanai Trace South and Jones Village in particular, which last received a supply on 28th September, 2021. However, the service to these areas will be restored tomorrow, Tuesday 12th October, 2021.

The Authority wishes to note that at present the pipeline supplying the area is undersized, which at times impacts the pressures and reliability of the service. To address this, the Authority is currently engaged in installing a new 6 inch diameter pipeline, to replace the existing 4 inch diameter pipeline that serves the area. This project will be completed by the end of this week and is expected to improve the reliability of service to the Khanai Trace South in particular. It should also be noted that in the interim, the Authority has been providing a truck borne water supply to affected customers.

On a separate matter, the service to customers in the Cunjal area was disrupted recently by a rupture on the 16 inch transmission pipelines, located along Moruga Road, Indian Walk, caused by a landslip; as well as a break on the 20 inch diameter pipeline Sisters Road, St. Julien. The final repairs to the leak at Moruga Road, Indian Walk will be completed today – Monday 11th October 2021 and the supply to the Cunjal area will be restored by tonight.

The Authority apologizes to customers for any inconvenience experienced during the recent disruption in their pipe borne water supply due to the above-mentioned issues.

Corporate Communications Department
2021 October 11