The Water and Sewerage Authority (the Authority) wishes to acknowledge that there have been several disruptions affecting the supply to parts of the Rio Claro/Mayaro area over the past two weeks in particular. These include intermittent disruptions at the Stonebright Water Treatment Plant due to mechanical problems, the most recent being repairs to a defective chlorine pump that was completed at 12:00 noon on 3rd November; a ruptured 16 inch diameter pipeline located in the area of a landslip in Charuma, which was repaired on 29th October; as well as mechanical repairs at the San Pedro Booster Station, also completed on 29th October, 2021.

It should be noted that the supply was last on to areas such as Mayaro, Ortoire, Coconut Grove, Legendre, Bangladesh, Mile End, Bristol, Mafeking, Solomon Street, St Ann's high point, Cascadoux, Kernaham, Plaisance, and Manzanilla Road, over the period 30th October to 3rd November, 2021. However, the disruptions at Charuma and San Pedro Booster delayed the schedule, which impacted some customers at the extremities of the distribution system. These areas will next receive a supply on 6th November, 2021. The water supply is currently on to areas such as Libertville, San Pedro, Poole Village, Dades 1, 2 and 3, Riverside Road, Tabaquite Road, Jeffers Crossing, Ridge Road, Lazarri Road, Naparima Mayaro Road Rio Claro, Absolom Trace and Killdeer Trace.

The Authority wishes to note that it has already begun to undertake several projects aimed at improving the overall water supply to the Rio Claro/Mayaro area. In fact, rehabilitation works at Mayaro Wells #9, #15 and #17 has already been completed, which has more than doubled production at the Mayaro Water Treatment Plant. Upgrade of the San Pedro Booster that involves installation of a new pump-set and larger discharge pipeline, is in progress and is expected to be completed in the coming week. Three phases of pipeline installation/replacement works have also been identified for along various parts of the Naparima Mayaro Road. These are set to commence pending the availability of necessary funding and when completed, will significantly improve the level of service to customers in the above-mentioned areas.

The Authority has been in regular contact with the parliamentary and local government representatives for the Rio Claro/Mayaro area, who are fully aware of the issues impacting the service to customers, the ongoing works, as well as, the planned works to improve the overall water supply and service to customers in these communities over the short to long term.

Corporate Communications Department
2021 November 04