In response to a question posed to the Authority, during the Joint Select Committee - Land and Physical Infrastructure Meeting, held on 17th March 2022, regarding how much of the population receives a 24/7 pipe borne water supply, the response was 16% . The Authority wishes to clarify that this figure represents a snapshot specifically for the month of February 2022 only. In fact, it is important to note that the service level recorded in February 2022 was an anomaly, because an average of the previous six months confirm that 34% of the population received a 24/7 pipe borne water supply.

The service level recorded for the month of February 2022 was abnormally low due to a combination of several extenuating factors that occurred during the month. Primary amongst these factors was the island-wide power failure that occurred on 15th February, which disrupted operations at the majority of the Authority’s treatment facilities. In addition, February also saw the implementation of amended water supply schedules, in keeping with the Authority’s 2022 Dry Season Water Supply Management Plan. The combination of these factors significantly impacted the Authority’s ability to maintain its normal levels of service for February 2022, particularly the 24/7 level of service.

The Authority also wishes to clarify that while its ultimate goal is to provide all customers with a 24/7 level of service, on average 30% of customers receive a level of service between 24/4 and 24/6. This means that on average 64% of customers receive a 24/4 or better water supply. The Authority recognizes its obligation to improve the level of service, particularly to the other 36% of customers and has been taking meaningful steps to address this issue through various infrastructural development projects, over the short, medium and long term.

One major contributing factor to the improvement in the levels of service throughout Trinidad and Tobago is the completion of 22 projects under the Community Water Improvement Programme (CWIP), over the last six months, which has resulted in approximately 98,000 persons experiencing an improvement in their water supply. The Authority assures customers that it remains committed to implementing additional strategies and plans, to bring about further improvements to the water service delivered to its customers throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

The Authority wishes to apologize to the Joint Select Committee and the Public for the unfortunate misrepresentation made regarding 16% of the population getting a 24/7 water supply. The Director of Operations should have explained that this was unique to February 2022 and not an accurate reflection of the current levels of service in Trinidad and Tobago. Consequently, the Authority will be submitting a formal report to the Joint Select Committee on the matter.

Corporate Communications Department
2022 March 19