The Water and Sewerage Authority (the Authority) is working to address water supply issues affecting customers in parts of Icacos/Cedros. The area, which is at the extremities of the Granville Water Treatment Plant distribution system, has experienced an inconsistent water supply recently due to reduced production at Granville Well #17, leading to an overall deficit in water supply, relative to demand.

As a result, approximately 40 customers located at the extremities of the distribution system, from Grand Chemin Beach Road, including Bilwah, Lalla, Siewrelal James Street and Uncle Ben Avenue, have experienced a disruption in their service. As such, the Authority has been delivering a truck borne service to the affected households, which is ongoing.

The Authority wishes to assure customers in the Icacos area that it will be undertaking several short to long term measures, over the coming weeks and months, in order improve production and boost pressures to the area.

The Authority apologizes to customers for any inconvenience caused and assures that it will continue to liaise with parliamentary and local government representatives for the area, regarding the issues impacting their service, as well as providing a supplementary truck borne service as required.

Corporate Communications Department
2022 July 12