In response to the media release issued by Chairman of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation on Thursday 11th August 2022, under the heading “Water Woes Hit Penal/Debe… Again”, the Authority rejects the assertion that the entire eastern half of the region serviced by the Navet Water Treatment Plant has been deprived of a water supply; or that the Desal and Caroni water supplies have been directed elsewhere, with little or no regard for Penal Debe residents.

The area of Barrackpore/Debe/Penal is served by the TCO, Malgretoute and Clarke Road Booster Stations via the Navet Water Treatment Plant; as well as the South Oropouche and Thicke Village Booster Stations, via the Caroni/Point Lisas Desal Plants. During the period 23rd July to present, several unplanned events occurred including a mechanical issue with a pump at the Navet facility, a leak on the 400 mm transmission pipeline, as well as a power outage and mechanical issue impacting one of the pumps at TCO Booster. As a result, areas served by the Navet Plant, experienced periods of low pressures/no supply or changes in the normal scheduled water supply. Customers particularly at elevated or the extremities of the pipeline distribution systems would have been more severely impacted by the events of the past three weeks, while others were able to receive a pipe borne supply.

During the period of these unplanned disruptions, the Authority engaged in clear and open communication with the respective councilors/representatives for the affected areas to keep them and by extension their burgesses up to date on developments; while a limited truck borne supply was also made available to customers upon request. With respect to the latest unplanned event, the Authority is expected to complete emergency repair works on one of the pumps at the TCO Booster Station by 6:00 p.m. today – Friday 12th August, 2022, which will see the normalization of supply to customers along elevated areas over the coming 48 to 72 hours.

The Authority is pursuing several short to medium-term projects aimed at improving the supply to the Barrackpore/Debe/Penal area. These include construction of a new Penal Well #26 as part of the National Water Stabilization Improvement Programme. This is expected to increase production at the Penal Water Treatment Plant by approximately 100,000 gallons per day. The Authority is also currently looking into the acquisition of the Mora Dam, Syne Village, to further increase production at Penal Water Treatment Plant. Another key initiative presently ongoing, is the reconfiguration of the Malgretoute Booster Station to increase the pumping capacity to areas Upper and Lower Barrackpore, Penal Rock Road and environs. This is expected to be completed by the end of August 2022.

As the Authority works toward completing the above-mentioned initiatives aimed at improving the water supply to customers in the area of Barrackpore/Debe/Penal, it will continue to liaise with and communicate openly with the local government and parliamentary representatives for the area.

Corporate Communications Department
2022 August 12