At approximately 2:30pm today, Tuesday 18th October 2022, the Authority was alerted to a ruptured 36” transmission main, at Godineau Bridge Mosquito Creek, San Fernando. Early investigations revealed, the rack used to support the Authority’s 36” pipeline at South Oropouche, in the vicinity of the Creek, collapsed into the river causing the rupture.

Within minutes, a team was dispatched to make the area safe, isolate the supply, analyze the situation and commence repairs in the shortest possible time. The Authority has been in contact with the Ministry of Works and Transport for assistance. As soon as the team has assessed the situation, repairs will commence and the Authority is in the process of mobilizing all our resources, both internal and external, in order to effect repairs.

Affected areas include: Gulf View, Bel Air, Green Acres, La Romain, Woodland, San Francique, Avocat, South Oropouche, Union Hall, Duncan Village, Palmiste, Sunkist, Esperance, Debe, parts of Penal, Siparia, Quarry Village, Cocoyea, Pleasantville, Vistabella, Marabella and San Fernando

The Authority will continue to update the public as repair work progresses, however, based on a preliminary assessment, given the extent of the collapse, it is anticipated that repairs may take between 48 to 72 hours.

The Authority thanks all those affected for their patience and understanding.

Corporate Communications Department
October 18, 2022