Mandate Corporate Goals Vision Mission Ethics & Business Conduct Values Developmental Pillars

Corporate Goals

Achieve Corporate Governance of International Standards.
Improve Customer Care and Satisfaction.
Optimize Institutional Strengthening Strategies to ensure Change & Transformation.
On the Road to 24/7 - December 2014.


To be the best performing water utility in the Western Hemisphere.


To be a leading provider of water and wastewater services.
To deliver customer service along the highest internationally recognised and accepted standards.
To continuously develop best business practices utilizing advanced technology and a well developed and motivated workforce.
To leverage on industry expertise to offer global water and wastewater services
To sustain a commercialised business while remaining sensitive to our stakeholders and our environment.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Guiding Principles:

We must never violate any applicable laws and regulations.
We must never knowingly put employees, customers or business partners, stakeholders at risk.
We must never do anything that may damage the Authority's image, reputation or bring the Authority into disrepute.

Core Values

Respect: Treating its stakeholders equally with appreciation and value, devoid of discrimination as diversity is recognized, in the inherent worth of every human being.
Integrity: Conducting its business with honesty, transparency and accountability, placing the public interest above personal interest.
Excellence: Providing the best quality service and customer care that would translate into satisfaction and sustainability.
Professionalism: Preserving its corporate image through people who are self-regulated, committed to upholding the highest standards and are examples that positively influence and enhance the communities in which we operate.
Trust: Being truthful in its declarations, to be ethical in conducting business and building relationships based on mutual respect.


WASA's 4 Developmental Pillars
Mandate Corporate Goals Vision Mission Ethics & Business Conduct Values Developmental Pillars