The Board of Commissioners Comprises:

CHAIRMAN: Ravindra Nanga
• Ramnarine Clive Deokie
• Joel Edwards
• Celeste Jules
• Beverly Khan
• Danford Mapp
• Devati Mooleedhar
• Alston Fournillier


The roles and responsibilities of the Committtees of the Board include:

Human Resources Committee
  • Monitor adherence to principles and guidelines respecting employee equity, ILO principles of management and labour relations, and a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Review and recommend to the Board: Human resources and compensation policies; management succession plans; policies and procedures relating to employee business conduct and ethical behaviour.
Tenders Committee
  • Guided by the Rules and Procedures for the Invitation and Consideration of Tenders for the Award of contracts for Articles, Works and Services for the Water and Sewerage Authority.
Finance Committee
  • Review budgets, monitor expenditure and review monthly management accounts.
  • Review and make recommendations on funding/borrowing mechanisms required to fund the Authority’s programmes.
Audit Committee
Assist the Board in monitoring and validating:
  • The financial report and other financial information provided by the Authority to any government body or the public
  • The Authority’s auditing, accounting and financial reporting processes generally
Operations Committee
Provide oversight on matters related to Operations including:
  • The production, transmission and distribution of potable water.
  • Monitoring the Authority’s water resources
  • Maintenance of the Water Treatment Plants, Booster Stations and Pipeline Network
  • Compliance with the Guaranteed Water Standards for quality control.
  • HSE Performance
Communications Committee
The role of the Committee is to support the transformation of the Authority, through:
  • The development of communication strategies and oversight of their implementation; and
  • The continuous identification and employment of appropriate tools and channels to inform, educate, establish, influence, and maintain open communications with all Stakeholders, in a manner which recognises them as a significant partner in the transformation of the Authority.
Tariff Review Committee
The role of the Committee is to support the transformation of the Authority by ensuring that the Authority complete and submit an accepted Price Control Review Proposal/Business Plan for the upcoming Price Control Review Period (2022 – 2027).
Claims Review Committee
The role of the Committee is to review all major claims made against WASA.
Technical Services Committee

The Technical Services Committee is established to monitor and control matters related to the appropriate engineering, maintenance and operations’ organization structures.

The Committee has direct oversight of determination of roles, responsibilities and schedule of authorities required for efficient and effective functioning of the established organisation structures; determination and update of the knowledge and skill sets and training required; achievement of major deliverables and Key Performance Indicators for each department and staff; policy development as well as procurement of relevant subject matter experts.

The Committee will also provide oversight of installation and maintenance of systems, procedures and practices to ensure that the Authority’s plant, equipment and infrastructure are cost effectively specified, designed, installed and maintained to accepted engineering standards.

New Services
The New Services Committee has been established to review current systems, processes and procedures within the New Services department and address any deficiencies or gaps.