1. Letter requesting use of ground is sent to WASA:
    Corporate Secretary
    WASA Head Office
    Farm Road
    St. Joseph
  2. Request to include:
    1. Nature of Event
    2. Date and Time of proposed event
    3. Number of persons attending
    4. Contact number (person in control of event)
  3. If approved:
    1. Fees to be paid
    2. Agreement to be signed, terms include:
      1. Exemplary conduct MUST be demonstrated at all times;
      2. No one is allowed to wander to any other area of the compound, except that for which approval has been granted for the activity
      3. All instructions given by the Authority's Security Personnel MUST be complied with whilst you are on the Authority's Compound;
      4. The Authority MUST be indemnified against any and all actions, claims, proceedings, costs and expenses in respect of any loss or damage to property or injury to persons which may arise from the use of the premises authorised hereby;
      5. Applicants will be responsible for, and make good by way of compensation in full, any damage to the Authority’s property arising from the use of the premises authorised hereby;
      6. The area used must be cleaned and returned to its original condition on the day for which permission has been granted, upon the completion of the event;
      7. security personnel and portable toilet facilities must be provided;
      8. Names of all visitors and visitors’ vehicles expected to be on the Authority’s Compound are to be provided to the Head, Security Services, two (2) days prior to the Event.
      9. ALL Licence, permits etc. required by law for the activity/event are the Applicant’s respnsibility;
    3. Caution Fee to be deposited (made out in a cheque, payable to WASA)
  4. Upon completion of event a request in writing for the release of the Caution Fee is made and on verification of completion with Agreement by WASA, Caution Fee is released.
For further information call 662-2302 ext: 2079 or 2109